Multimin Copper-Free Injection


Multimin Copper-Free Injection for Sheep & Cattle deficient in and/or responsive to manganese, zinc and/or selenium supplementation.

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Multimin Copper-Free Injection for Sheep and Cattle – 500ml

Multimin Copper-Free Injection for Sheep and Cattle is a chelated trace mineral injection for Sheep & Cattle deficient in and/or responsive to manganese, zinc and/or selenium supplementation.

Active Ingredients:

  • 40 mg/ mL Zinc as disodium zinc EDTA
  • 10 mg/ mL Manganese as disodium manganese EDTA
  • 5 mg/ mL Selenium as sodium selenite

Multimin Copper-Free Injection for Sheep and Cattle is a three-in-one trace mineral injection to get your sheep and cattle ‘performance ready’.  It is recommended to be used for increasing the number of calves born earlier in the season, giving them an extra 20 to 40 days to perform to the best of their genetic potential as well as improving all three parts of the immune system to make livestock ‘performance ready’.

Why Choose Multimin Copper-Free Injection?

  1. Ideal for strategic management – Multimin contains three trace minerals that aid in reproduction, growth and immunocompetence. The concept is to “top up” essential trace mineral levels before critical events such as joining, lambing, weaning and for young growing stock.
  2. Bioavailable – Multimin has been formulated to deliver a balanced ratio of zinc, manganese and selenium that bypasses the rumen for direct uptake from the blood.
  3. Aqueous formulation – An aqueous formulation minimises injection site pain and reactions that are sometimes associated with other trace mineral injections

Why Top Up Trace Minerals?

The focus of trace mineral supplementation has developed beyond correcting deficiency symptoms; to strategic mineral supplementation, which is aimed at the optimisation of reproductive performance, immune function and growth. The optimisation of particular trace minerals and the correction of subclinical deficiency may result in improvements in productivity and, subsequently profitability.

High mineral demands during critical events – The absorption of essential micro-minerals from feed or feed supplements is often insufficient when the demand for these minerals is high. Injectable trace minerals have been shown to be an effective way to “top up” mineral levels before critical events such as lambing, joining, and weaning when the animals are under large amounts of stress. This allows animals to maximise their production potential.

Subclinical impacts – Not all trace mineral-responsive conditions of livestock are apparent as a clinical disease. A positive response to supplementation can be seen in the areas of fertility, immunity and growth in otherwise healthy animals through trace element dependant enzymatic functions.


Multimin Copper-Free Injection for Sheep and Cattle is a chelated trace element injection for sheep and beef and dairy cattle deficient in and/or responsive to manganese, zinc, and/or selenium supplementation.

Multimin Copper-free Injection for Sheep and Cattle contains selenium, zinc and manganese, which are required for optimal health, production, and fertility.

  • Selenium has a role in: Reproduction/fertility, placental retention, disease resistance, embryo survival, spermatogenesis, muscle function, normal growth, preventing oxidative stress or oxidative damage and wool growth.
  • Zinc has a role in: Reproduction/fertility, udder function, placental retention, disease resistance, hoof health, skin and coat health, lung function, cell division, spermatogenesis, wound healing, wool growth, general growth and metabolism, bone and cartilage development.
  • Manganese has a role in: Reproduction/fertility, ovulation, disease resistance, embryo survival, protein metabolism, spermatogenesis, lactation, general metabolism, bone, cartilage and connective tissue development, normal blood clotting, and maintaining normal growth.

Multimin Copper-Free Injection Pack Size: 500 mL

Registrant: Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd (APVMA #: 61724)

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