WeedMaster Duo Herbicide


Weedmaster Duo Herbicide is fully loaded with an aquatically approved surfactant for use with high water rates in horticulture and industrial situations.

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WeedMaster Duo Herbicide

Weedmaster Duo Herbicide (Dual Salt Technology)

Active Ingredients: 360g/L Glyphosate (present as the isopropylamine and mono-ammonium salts)

Weedmaster Duo Herbicide is fully loaded with an aquatically approved surfactant for use with high water rates in horticulture and industrial situations. Weedmaster Duo contains two salts to improve plant uptake, unlike standard glyphosate formulations. The result is a more effective product that also gives you extra flexibility thanks to its enhanced tank mix compatibility.

Weedmaster Duo Herbicide has the added advantage of full aquatic registration, so it can be used around waterways.

Weedmaster Duo Herbicide Delivers:

  • Fast, reliable, broad-spectrum weed control
  • Excellent tank mix compatibility
  • Improved plant uptake due to Dual Salt Technology
  • Aquatically approved surfactant that is frog friendly for use near drains, rivers and creeks
  • High water rate application due to fully loaded surfactant.

Weedmaster Duo Herbicide – the Product:

Weedmaster Duo contains 360g/L of glyphosate, present as the isopropylamine and mono-ammonium salts. The important difference between Weedmaster Duo and other 360g/L glyphosates is that it uses those two bases to form soluble glyphosate salts – the unique Dual Salt Technology process. The inclusion of mono-ammonium salt along with a unique surfactant package accelerates the progress of glyphosate through the cuticle into the plant sap transport system.

Weedmaster Duo Herbicide Registrations:

Weedmaster Duo is registered to control annual and perennial weeds, brush and woody weeds, aquatic weeds, unwanted trees in forestry and a wide range of crops.

What weeds does WeedMaster Duo Herbicide target;

African Boxthorn Cereals Kangaroo Grass Poa Tussock Sub. Clover
Alligator Weed Chickweed Kikuyu Grass Poplar Box Swamp Mahogany
Amaranth Chinese Scrub Lantana Potato Weed Sweet Briar
Amsinckia Cobbler’s Pegs Lesser Swinecress Prairie Grass Sweet Summer Grass
Annual Ground Cherry Cocksfoot Liverseed Grass Privet Thornapple
Annual Phalaris Common Reed Longleaf Box Qld Blue Grass Topped Lavender
Annual Ryegrass Coppice Control Lovegrass (African) Rhodes Grass Turnip Weed
Artichoke Thistle Couch Ludwigia Peruviana Rhus Variegated Thistle
Australian Bluebell Crofton Weed Marri Rope Twitch Volunteer Cereals
Bamboo Cudweed Messmate Stringybark Rushes Volunteer Lupins
Barley Grass Cumbungi Mexican Poppy Ryegrass Volunteer Pine
Barnyard Grass Dead Nettle Milk Thistle Saffron Thistle Volunteer Sorghum
Bent Grass Dock Mintweed Scotch Thistle Volunteer Sunflower
Bitou Bush Double Gee Mistflower Sedge (Tall) Water Couch
Blackberry Eucalyptus Spp. Narrowleaf Ironbark Sifton Bush Water Hyacinth
Bladder Ketmia Flatweed Narrowleaf Peppermint Silver Grass Water Lettuce
Blady Grass Flooded Gum New Zealand Spinach Silverleaf Ironbark White Mahogany
Boneseed Fog Grass Noogoora Burr Silverleaf Nightshade Wild Lettuce
Bracken Fumitory Nutgrass Silvertop Ash (Ironbark) Wild Mustard
Brome Grass Ghost Gum Pampas Grass Skeleton Weed Wild Oats
Brown Beetle Grass Glyceria Paradoxa Grass Sorghum Wild Radish
Bullich Goosefoot Paragrass Sorrel Wild Turnip
Burr Medic Gorse (Furze) Paspalum Soursob Willows
Californian Thistle Ground Cherry Paterson’s Curse Sowthistle Winter Grass
Caltrop Groundsel Bush Pellitory Spear Thistle Yellow Waterlily
Camel Melon Guinea Grass Perennial Phalaris Spiny Burrgrass Yellowvine
Camphor Laurel Gum Topped Bloodwood Phalaris Spotted Gum Yorkshire Fog
Canary Grass Hawthorn Phragmites Spurge
Capeweed Hoary Cress Pigweed St John’s Wort
Carpet Grass Jarrah Pink Bloodwood Stinkgrass (Lovegrass)
Cat’s Ear Johnson Grass Plantains Stinking Goosefoot

Check the product label for the full list of weeds controlled, Specific rates are registered for application by boom sprays, handguns and knapsacks. For brush and woody weeds, there are specified low-volume application rates and aerial rates for application in tank mixes with Associate (Metsulfuron Methyl). Wiper and controlled droplet application equipment can also be used in specific situations. Check the product label for full details.

Pack Sizes: 1L, 5L & 20L

Registrant: Nufarm Australia Limited (APVMA #:53576)

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1 Litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre


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