Storm Secure Wax Block 8Kg


Only a very small amount is needed to kill a rat or mouse, and a lethal dose can be eaten in a single feed.

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Storm is a second generation anticoagulant rodenticide. Only a very small amount is needed to kill a rat or mouse, and a lethal dose can be eaten in a single feed. Rodents then die three to five days after taking the bait. With some other rodenticides, rodents die more than a week after taking the bait.

Whole grain-based palatability, combined with the durability and securability of a compressed block. Storm Secure Wax Block Rodenticide brings one of the most effective and powerful anticoagulant rodenticides to rat and mouse control.

The high potency active ingredient in Storm Secure only takes a single feed for rodents to consume a lethal dose, providing fast and reliable control.

Storm Secure is formulated as a cracked cereal grain block with a low wax content, ensuring exceptional palatability and stability are maintained under hot and cold conditions.

Storm Secure has also been developed using BASF’s patented Fortec Technology, ensuring feeding preferences for rats and mice are met in a single palatable formulation.

Storm Secure also contains a unique fungicide which minimises fungal growth in damp and humid environments. Whether developing a long-term baiting program or cleaning out a site from a severe infestation, Storm Secure provides an effective solution you can rely on.


  • Proven single-feed efficacy providing rapid control
  • Excellent palatability
  • Highly durable and securable block
  • Fits perfectly into a pulse baiting strategy


  • The power of Storm Secure means it only takes a single feed for both rats and mice to consume a lethal dose, giving fast and reliable control in any situation.
  • Storm Secure is formulated using BASF’s patented Fortec® Technology which combines cracked cereal grain with other human feed grade ingredients into a low wax content compressed block that is extremely palatable to rats and mice. The palatability of Storm Secure together with the proven power of the active ingredient, means rats and mice will rapidly consume a lethal dose even in the presence of other attractive feeds that are readily available.
  • Storm Secure is formulated into an extremely durable block, resisting both extreme temperatures, moisture and mould. The central hole allows for fi rm anchoring within bait stations and prevents removal and relocation by rodents, reducing the risk of consumption by non-target species.
  • Storm Secure can be used in the most cost-effective pulse baiting program by reducing the amounts of bait put down in successive cycles. This ensures the most reliable population control by allowing less dominant later feeding rats and mice sufficient access to the bait once their more dominant early-feeding contemporaries are dead or dying. As well as requiring less bait than the traditional surplus baiting regimes employed with multi-feed rodenticides, pulse baiting significantly reduces both the amount of bait needed and the time required for baiting, leading to total treatment cost savings.

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