Snake repeller – Snake Defence MP Plus

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About every 50 seconds the Raidar Snake Defence MP Plus emits a variety of vibrations and sound that change every 2 days.

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Snake repeller – Snake Defence MP Plus

Changing vibration patterns of the MP Plus model

About every 50 seconds the Raidar Snake Defence MP Plus emits a variety of vibrations and sound that change every 2 days. Starting with a single 3 second pulse for 2 days, followed by 3 pulses for 2 days, then 5 pulses for 2 days it reverts back to one pulse to start the rotation all over again. The idea behind the changing pulses is to vary the pattern so snakes do not become accustomed to the pulse.


The unit covers a radius of  up to 15 metres (30m Diameter) or about 700 sq metres in all directions. We suggest an overlap of 5 metres, so the units should be positioned about 25m apart.

Breakthrough design, available exclusively from Raidar

  • The Raidar Snake Defence pulse (vibration and sound) changes every second day
  • 100% safe to use around children, pets, birds and livestock
  • One snake repeller unit covers approx 700sqm (maximum 30m diameter) – day and night
  • Portable – take it camping, on picnics, to the holiday house etc
  • Long lasting rechargable battery (replaceable) charged by the solar panel
  • Dimensions: height: 330mm, head diameter: 160mm,  ground probe diameter: 27mm

Product Features

  • External on/off switch
  • External access to the battery compartment
  • 50 second vibration spacing
  • Optional mains power charging adaptor

How it works

This unit works by emitting a sound and pulsing a vibration through the ground every 50 seconds.  Snakes pick up these vibrations through their body sensors and think there is danger ahead.

A solar panel and a rechargeable battery collect power by day for operation at night.  When the battery is fully charged it supplies enough power for around-the-clock operation, even on dull days.

Before using for the first time

The battery (located in the water proof housing) must be fully charged (do not join the black wires that run the vibration and sound at this time).  To charge the battery you have two choices:

  1. leave the green plastic head in the sun for two days in bright sunshine or 3 to 4 days if overcast; or
  2. if you have ordered the optional mains power charger, charge the head unit for one hour.

Positioning your repellers

The repeller radiates in all directions (full 360 degrees) up to a maximum of 15m radius or 30m diameter (about 700 sqm).  To make the best use of the repellers we strongly recommend installing 2 or more repellers, no more than 25 metres apart (ie with a 5m overlap – see drawing).

Firmer ground gives a better result.  Clay soil will transmit the furthest, while sandy soil will reduce the diameter of the signal.  Waterlogged soil should be avoided.
Except for concrete walls/buildings with a foundation deeper than 100mm, the repeller signal will travel through the ground under fences, shallow concrete paths, sheds and behind retaining.  Trees, dog kennels, bushes and chain link fencing should pose no problems.

Installing your repellers

  1. If the stake is covered by a clear, hard plastic film (some do and some don’t) this must be removed before installation: use a sharp pointed knife to split the film by running it down the length of the fluted tube, then peel it off.
  2. Make a ground hole for the stake with great care (this is a critical step).  The hole must be driven using either a crow bar with a point, round dowel, metal tube or metal rod about the same diameter (but no larger) than the stake. The soil must be kept firm – DO NOT dig a hole and fill around the stake as the loose soil will reduce the effective diameter of the signal.  NEVER use a hammer to drive the stake into the ground and NEVER force the stake into the ground by pushing down on the plastic top/solar panel.  The head unit should only be added once the stake is firmly in place.
  3. For final positioning before the head unit is installed carefully push down on the stake with a block of softwood such as pine (do not hammer).  Take care not to deform or damage the stake otherwise the plastic head will not fit correctly.
  4. Leave approximately 50mm of the stake above the ground, more if the area is prone to flooding.  The repeller is weatherproof, but is not waterproof: rain presents no problem, however the top of the stake unit must never be underwater.  If there is the potential for hail or frost the unit should be either covered or removed.  In winter (if you are not concerned about snakes) we recommend you store the units undercover.
  5. When the battery is fully charged and the stake is in place, join the black wires together and place the head unit onto the stake.

Starting your repellers

If you have more than one unit we recommend staggering the starting times.  In other words when starting a second unit wait for the beep from the closest unit and start about 25 to 30 seconds later.
To start the repeller simply press the rubber covered On/Off button on the underside of the head unit.  When starting for the first time you know the unit is performing correctly if you hear the unit go through its 3-stage multi pulse cycle.  First a single beep, followed by a triple beep, then 5 beeps.
Once the activation test is over, within about 60 seconds you will hear a single beep starting the first 2 day rotation of the 3 different pulses (days 1 & 2 you will hear one beep, days 3 & 4 there will be 3 beeps, days 5 & 6 you will hear 5 beeps and on the 7th day the cycle will start over with one beep).

Day and night operation

The repeller charges best in bright direct sunlight.  However it will also charge on cloudy days or in dappled sunlight.  We have found that once fully charged it will continue working for days, even without direct sunlight.

Replacing the battery

Although the battery may last for up to 18 months we suggest replacing it every 12 months: spring is a great time to do this.  PLEASE NOTE: When replacing the battery ensure the replacement is the same specification as the supplied battery (AA 1.2 volt – NI-MH 800mAH rechargeable battery) otherwise the unit will not work as designed.  Unscrew the battery cover to replace the battery.

Spare parts

Replacement head and stake units, plastic solar panel covers and batteries are available: please purchase via our website or contact us on 03 6272 3270.

Be vigilant

Snakes can be somewhat unpredictable.  No product is 100% fool proof, and we do not claim ours to be, so there is always the chance of an unforseen encounter.  In particular be watchful in the first few days after the repellers are installed in case nearby snakes start to move about and away from the repellers.  We believe that under usual circumstances our snake repellers will seriously reduce the chance of encounters with snakes.

Please keep this information in the unlikely event you experience technical problems with your repellers

The snake repeller isn’t working

  1. Have you pressed the On/Off switch?  Some will arrive with the switch on, others in the off position.
  2. Is the battery fully charged?  Disconnect the head from the stake unit and leave the head in the sun for two days in bright sunshine or 3 to 4 days if overcast. Or, if you have purchased the optional mains power charger, charge the head unit for one hour.
  3. Are you still using the original battery? If not, is the battery the same specification as the supplied battery (AA 1.2 volt – NI-MH 800mAH rechargeable battery) otherwise the unit will not work as designed.  We suggest replacing the battery every 12 months.  If the battery is less than 12 months old, chances are it is still OK, but may be low on charge especially in winter.  Try recharging the battery as per above.
  4. If the above has not resolved the problem you will need to work out if the battery is at fault and needs to be replaced. Temporarily install a brand new standard 1.5volt AA alkaline battery as a test (please remember that this battery must be removed as it will not recharge from the solar panel).
  5. If the unit in still not working, there may be a problem with either the plastic head or stake unit.  The repeller is made up of only 2 parts and it is unlikely that both parts are not working correctly.  To identify the part requiring replacement, conduct the following test if you have more than one unit: remove the head from the non-working repeller and attach it to the stake unit of a working repeller.  If the head works correctly then the stake is the problem.  If the head still does not work then the head is the problem.

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