Peptosyl Suspension 200ml


PEPTOSYL is a first line defence against digestive disturbances in horses and dogs, with a wide safety margin, and analgesic, antiseptic and antacid actions.


Peptosyl Suspension 200ml


Bismuth sub-salicylate 17.5 mg/mL


PEPTOSYL is a first line defence against digestive disturbances in horses and dogs, with a wide safety margin, and analgesic, antiseptic and antacid actions. Even cases of infectious diarrhoea where antibiotics are required, will benefit from PEPTOSYL to control the diarrhoea, in combination with prescribed antibiotics.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • PEPTOSYL is a first line defence against diarrhoea and digestive disturbances in horses, foals and dogs.
  • PEPTOSYL is Bismuth salicylate oral suspension.
  • Non-antibiotic treatment for non-infectious & dietary diarrhoea.
  • PEPTOSYL has gut protective, antacid, antiseptic properties, and is anti-inflammatory to control pain.

After administration, the Bismuth salicylate is converted to Bismuth carbonate and Sodium salicylate. Bismuth lines and protects the mucosal (gut lining) surface of the stomach and intestines, absorbs toxic compounds such as endotoxins, and has protective, antacid and antiseptic properties. The salicylate component is anti-inflammatory, and rapidly reduces the pain associated with gut inflammation and disturbances. The majority of canine and equine gastro-intestinal disturbances are not of bacterial origin, therefore PEPTOSYL is a safe, non-complicating treatment in most foals, puppies, and adult horses and dogs with digestive upsets of nutritional or non-bacterial origin. Most canine and equine gut disturbances relate to incorrect management or diet, nutrition, or stress, rather than infection.

Bentonite is a natural clay earth material with properties similar to activated charcoal. It has the ability to bind (and neutralise) bacterial endotoxins.

PEPTOSYL is indicated for the control and treatment of diarrhoea and pain associated with non-bacterial gastro-intestinal disturbance such as enteritis, gastritis, and colitis. Being non-antibiotic, PEPTOSYL does not contribute to bacterial resistance. Oral bismuth preparations are well researched in both humans and animals, and are reported to be free of toxic side effects.


PEPTOSYL has no application in the training of normal, healthy horses and dogs, but can be used where indicated in cases of gastro-intestinal disturbance. It will not “mask” any serious veterinary problems, but will rapidly relieve the majority of gut upsets from dietary or non-infectious causes. If rapid response is not seen, seek veterinary diagnosis of the condition without delay.


Administer orally.
Horses: 0.5 – 1.0 mL per kg
Dogs: 0.25 – 0.5 mL per kg

Repeat dose every 6 hours for 36 hours and thence at 12 hour intervals for a further 2 to 3 days.

Where possible, withhold food for 24 hours (but do not restrict nursing in foals or puppies).

Do not administer for prolonged periods to animals less than 30 days old.


Pack Sizes & Presentation: 200 mL, 5 Litre


Store in a dry place below 25°C (Air Conditioning).


For General Sale (APVMA 39578)


Export Slaughter Interval (Horses): DO NOT USE less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.

If used in performance animals, the regulations of the relevant authorities regarding medication should be observed.

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