Extinosad Aerosol For Wounds


Extinosad Aerosol is a convenient way to treat and prevent blowfly (Lucilia cuprina) strikes, mulesing and other flesh injuries in sheep.


Extinosad Aerosol 370g

Active Ingredients: Spinosad @ 2.8g/kg & Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.39g/kg

Extinosad Aerosol is a convenient way to treat and prevent blowfly (Lucilia cuprina) strikes, mulesing and other flesh injuries in sheep.

This ready-to-spray aerosol kills blowfly maggots (including OP-resistant strains) with minimal risk to farm workers and livestock.

Extinosad Aerosol contains the powerful active ingredient spinosad.  Spinosad has a unique mode of action that results in the rapid knockdown of maggots, including maggot strains that are resistant to organophosphates.

Extinosad Aerosol also contains an antiseptic to help prevent infection and a scourable blue colouring to assist with the application.

Why choose Extinosad Aerosol

  • It contains the active ingredient Spinosad & Chlorhexidine Digluconate.
  • Contains an antiseptic.
  • Ready-to-spray aerosol formulation.
  • Ideal for treating flystrike, mulesing and other flesh injuries.
  • It quickly kills maggots and flies, even OP-resistant strains.
  • One 370g aerosol treats up to 20 average-sized flesh injuries.
  • Contains scourable blue colouring.
  • Nil withholding periods for wool and meat.
  • Safe for open flesh injuries.
  • Very high margin of safety for operators.


Extinosad Aerosol is registered for treating and preventing blowfly (Lucilia cuprina) strikes in mulesing, marking and other flesh injuries of sheep, including strains resistant to organophosphate (OP) compounds.

Proven Benefits

Extinosad provides rapid control of maggots and blowflies, even OP-resistant strains. Australian and NZ trials have demonstrated 98.5% of struck Merino sheep and 100% of struck coarse wool (meat breed) sheep recovered completely after treatment with Extinosad.

How Extinosad Works

Extinosad contains the active ingredient, spinosad, which is derived from the naturally-occurring soil bacterium, Saccharopolyspora spinosa. Once absorbed or ingested by target insects, spinosad causes prolonged involuntary muscle contractions and tremors, resulting in paralysis and death. Spinosad has a high level of activity against a number of insect species, including the sheep body louse (Bovicola ovis) and the sheep blowfly (Lucilia cuprina) and its larvae. Spinosad is chemically unrelated to any other compound used in the Australian livestock industry.

Pack Sizes: 370g

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