Cydectin Long Acting Injection For Sheep


Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Sheep is for treating and controlling roundworms, nasal bots and itch mites in sheep.

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Cydectin Long Acting Injection For Sheep

Active Ingredient: Moxidectin @ 20g/L

Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Sheep is for treating and controlling roundworms, nasal bots and itch mites in sheep.

Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Sheep provides protection against severe challenges by Haemonchus contortus (barber’s pole worm) for up to 4 months.

Why Choose Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Sheep?

  • Control of internal parasites – Moxidectin is the most potent member of drenches’ macrocyclic lactone (ML) family, meaning it can kill worms resistant to ivermectin and abamectin.
  • Broad spectrum parasite control – Cydectin Long Acting is highly effective against all major internal parasites susceptible to an ML drench, including gastrointestinal roundworms and large lungworms. These worms reduce overall productivity, especially in young animals. Weight gains and wool growth can be reduced significantly. Cydectin Long Acting also controls itch mite and nasal bots.
  • Longer-acting worm control – Cydectin Long Acting controls barber’s pole worm, small brown stomach worm for at least 91 days, and black scour worm for up to 49 days. It also protects against severe challenges from barber’s pole worm for up to 4 months. Good worm control means cleaner sheep, less pasture contamination and increased productivity.
  • Less drenching – Cydectin Long Acting’s long duration of activity can mean less drenching and may help reduce the development of resistance.
  • Ease of application – Cydectin Long Acting is delivered by a simple subcutaneous injection.
  • Safety – Cydectin Long Acting has a wide margin of safety when used as recommended.

When to Use Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Sheep?

  • Pre-lambing drench – Cydectin Long Acting will control worms and reduce egg output from ewes around lambing time. Before and after lambing, the ewe’s natural immunity to worms weakens, and untreated ewes can become a significant source of pasture contamination. Cydectin Long Acting administered to ewes pre-lambing can mean cleaner pastures and reduced exposure of lambs to internal parasites.
  • High pasture contamination – Cydectin Long Acting is beneficial for use when susceptible sheep (e.g. weaners) are exposed to sustained high pasture contamination and worm challenges. Using Cydectin Long Acting can remove the need for frequent drenching. Frequent monitoring is recommended in situations of high worm challenges.
  • Weaner/prime lamb drench – Weaners and prime lambs are highly susceptible to worms. Cydectin Long Acting is an excellent drench for such high-value stock. It offers outstanding control and long-term protection to maximise production. Cydectin Long Acting can be used in several prime lamb production systems* These include:
    i. Autumn lambs produced for the heavy end of the domestic market. These lambs usually require approximately 170 to 190 days from lambing to sale
    ii. Winter tail end lambs usually carried to the following autumn
    iii. Late winter/spring lambs that are maintained over the summer and finished late autumn and early winter of the following year
  • Barber’s pole worm control – When used as part of a worm control program, a single dose of Cydectin Long Acting can provide excellent long-term protection throughout the barber’s pole worm season. Egg output is reduced, and pastures can be cleaner for longer.
  • Summer drenching – A single treatment with Cydectin Long Acting when pastures dry off can eliminate the need for a second summer drench.
  • When rotating to an ML drench – It is important to use effective drenches on your property. If ML drenches still give effective control on your property and you have high-risk pastures, then Cydectin Long Acting is valuable to use as the ML drench in your rotation. Being a highly potent chemical, it gives effective control of susceptible worms and may help delay resistance compared with a less potent chemical.
  • Concurrent treatments – Cydectin Long Acting is safe to use simultaneously with other treatments, including mineral supplements and vaccines. Inject other products on the opposite side of the neck.
  • Drench resistance testing – It is essential to understand the resistance level to the various drench families on a particular property. Faecal egg count reduction tests (FECRTs) provide objective measurements of which drenches are working and which fall below the efficacy required for good worm control (i.e. 95% efficacy). FECRTs should be conducted every two to three years to monitor any changes in resistance levels.
  • Worm testing – Worm egg counts provide valuable information to optimise drench timing. Egg counts will show if a drench is not required because of low worm numbers but can also reveal production limiting worm infections before clinical signs such as scouring or wasting are evident. A larval differentiation assay provides identification of the worm species present so that the optimal type of drench can be selected.


Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Sheep contains moxidectin, a second-generation macrocyclic lactone. It is effective against sensitive strains of the following parasites and provides protection against severe challenges by Haemonchus contortus (barber’s pole worm) for up to 4 months.


Mature (adult) and immature (L4)

  • Barber’s pole worm – Haemonchus contortus
  • Black scour worm – Trichostrongylus spp & Trichostrongylus colubriformis
  • Stomach hair worm – Trichostrongylus axei
  • Small brown stomach worm – Ostertagia (Teladorsagia) spp & Ostertagia circumcincta
  • Small intestinal worm –  Cooperia spp & Cooperia oncophora
  • Thin necked intestinal worm –  Nematodirus spp, Nematodirus battus, Nematodirus filicollis & Nematodirus spathiger
  • Intestinal threadworm – Strongyloides papillosus
  • Nodule worm – Oesophagostomum columbianum
  • Large-mouthed bowel worm – Chabertia ovina
  • Large lungworm – Dictyocaulus filaria

Adult nematodes

  • Black scour worm – Trichostrongylus rugatus & Trichostrongylus vitrinus
  • Small brown stomach worm – Ostertagia trifurcata
  • Small intestinal worm – Cooperia curticei
  • Thin necked intestinal worm – Nematodirus abnormalis & Nematodirus helvetianus
  • Large bowel worm – Oesophagostomum venulosum
  • Whipworm – Trichuris ovis

External Parasites

  • Itchmite – Psorergates ovis
  • Nasal bot – Oestrus ovis

Pack Sizes: 500mL

Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Sheep Registrant: Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd  (APVMA #:58532)

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