Bloat Drench VICCHEM – 20L



Bloat Drench VICCHEM – 20L

BLOAT-DRENCH contains a speciality surfactant (Teric*) that prevents formation of the stable foam that causes bloat.

Drench Application

BLOAT – DRENCH is ready to use as a drench and requires no further dilution or mixing. Drenching individual animals with 21 mls of BLOAT – DRENCH twice daily will prevent bloat. A suitable time for
dairy animals is after each milking. It may be necessary in extreme bloat risk situations to increase the rate of dosage to 42 mls twice daily

Bail Feeding with Molasses

Where facilities are available in the dairy BLOAT – DRENCH may be mixed at a ratio of 1:1 with molasses and fed at the rate of 55 mls per head twice daily in the bail. Cows which do not drink the
mixture should be drenched with BLOAT – DRENCH at the dosage listed in the section above, Drench Application.

Drinking Troughs and Drum Rollers

If adequate metering devices are available BLOAT – DRENCH may be added to drinking troughs or drum rollers to provide cattle with an intake of 42 mls of BLOAT – DRENCH daily. Where there are no
metering devices available, allow 42 mls per 15 litres of water trough capacity. As water consumption is variable it may be necessary to adjust the level of BLOAT – DRENCH added to the drinking
trough. It is vital that no other source of drinking water be made available.


Registrant: Victorian Chemical Company Proprietary Limited

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