Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout Whitening Shampoo


Takes yellow stains out as it brightens hair of all colours.

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Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout Whitening Shampoo

Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout Shampoo neutralizes yellow stains and brightens hair of all colours: Black, White, Chestnut, Bay Brown, Roan, Palomino, Paint

There are benefits for both horse and human. Shine In Yellowout takes even the worst yellow stains out of hair and gives dull hair of every colour a more brilliant sheen. It leaves hair silky, shiny and smelling good.

Apply to wet hair, massage in until blue suds turn white. Soak for two to five minutes, then rinse well before repeating, if necessary.

Permanent Stains:

Try Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover first, then continue to reapply Shine In Yellowout per directions. If stain persists, it may be permanent. In this case, continue to follow directions to minimize permanent yellow stain until stained area can grow out.

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