Worm Egg Count WEC Faecal Test


A worm egg count WEC allows us to identify the presence of worm eggs in a sample and is the best tool on the market for managing parasite loads.


Worm Egg Count [WEC] Faecal Test

Conducting regular worm egg counts 4 times a year is considered the gold standard in parasite management. Here are some signs you may notice that could indicate a parasite burden.

Common Signs of Parasites:

  • Weight Loss
  • Lethargic, Irritable or Depressed 
  • Poor Growth
  • Coarse or Dull Coats
  • Potbellies
  • Tail Scratching
  • Loose or Runny Poo

Worm Egg Counts – Explained

A worm egg count (WEC) allows us to identify the presence of worm eggs in a sample. This technique does not tell us the type of worm present only the classes of eggs. (e.g. Strongylid, Strongyloides, Nematodirus, Trichuris etc.)

It is important to note that within each class off worm eggs there are a variety of different types of parasites, in some cases these differentials between parasites impact the types of drenches and wormers that we recommended as well as the urgency in which you need to act.

NOTE: Acceptable worm loads varies depending on the worms, species of host and clinical signs of health. Click here to learn more about our testing or to learn about the life cycle of roundworms.

Heavy internal parasites can cause serious health concerns, here are our simple step by step guides on how to collect and send samples. Samples once collected can be shipped to 11 Whites Road, Glenorie, NSW 2157 or alterntively dropped off in person into our contactless collection basket. Download Specimen Advice Form – Click Here

Wec collection steps

Collection Kits:

  • If you have ordered one of our free collection kits these will be posted out with your online order.
  • If you are local to Glenorie, you can collect a free kit from our collection box at 11 Whites Road, NSW.
  • If you are using your own kits, in addition to following the steps above, please remember to include the following
      1. Use a sandwich size zip-lock bag & remove as much air as possible.
      2. Include a completed Specimen Advice Form and
      3. Return individual sealed samples in a separate sealed bag. (Double bagged)

Remember we only require a golf ball size sample for testing so the smaller the container the less air.

Returning Samples

Once you have chilled your sample for at least 30 minutes you are ready to either;

  1. Drop off your sample to our collection point – 11 Whites Road Glenorie, NSW, Australia or
  2. Express Post your double bagged sample to 11 Whites Road Glenorie, NSW. It is recommended you express post your samples on a Monday or Tuesday to avoid delays. Ideally include an ice pack and thermal foil mailing bag to ensure the samples are kept cool. If you are unsure, give the team a call on 0467 547 458.

If you are not able to ship your samples straight away, these samples can be kept in the fridge for a few days as the cool temperatures prevent the parasite eggs from hatching.

To read more about our testing process click here or to speak to someone call, you can call our livestock specialist on 0467 547 458.

Additional information

Sample Kit

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Return Via

In-Person Drop Off, Sending By Express Post


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