Thermoo Calf Jacket by Antahi


Thermoo calf jackets stop calves losing body heat, so their energy is more effectively used for feeding, building immunity and growth.

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Thermoo Calf Jacket

Introducing the Thermoo Calf Jacket, a result of extensive veterinary and calf-rearing expertise, offering a premium design and carefully selected materials to ensure the utmost practicality for newborns, weak, sick, and cold calves, as well as goats. Born with only 3% body fat, calves require extra milk below 15°C to counteract energy loss maintaining body temperature.

  • Premium warmth for vulnerable calves
  • Waterproof, rip-stop durability
  • Easy care with machine washability

The long-lasting Thermoo Calf Jacket diverts energy for feeding, immunity, and growth. Specifically designed with a waterproof, rip-stop outer layer, belly strap, machine washability, smooth lining, and 200g polyfill, it features durable metal clips, a cosy neck extension with easy vein access, and an adjustable design for growing calves. Available in three sizes, the Thermoo Calf Jacket ensures optimal warmth and care for a variety of animals.

  • Sizing:
    Small (burgundy) 60cm shoulder to tail, great for Jerseys and crossbreds up to 5 weeks.
  • Medium (blue or pink) 70cm shoulder to tail, great for Friesians and large breeds.
  • Large (light blue) 80cm shoulder to tail.

Large is also available in a lightweight (no polyester fill) version for older calves with better self-heating/thermoregulation and requiring calf hide protection.

Also great for goats, dogs, alpaca, and many similar sized animals!

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Plum (60cm Small), Blue (70cm Medium), Pink (70cm Medium), Light Blue (80cm Large)


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