Hygain ALLCARE Mega Blend of Vitamins, Minerals & Yeast Strains


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Hygain ALLCARE Mega Blend of Vitamins, Minerals & Yeast Strains

Hygain Allcare is a mega blend of vitamins, minerals & yeast strains. Allcare has been formulated to provide comprehensive, balanced nutrition to all horses and ponies, in a highly concentrated form.

  • Rich in natural antioxidants
  • Ideal for easy keepers & grazing horses to meet their nutritional requirements without the excess calories or as an addition to performance horses that may require higher nutrient values
  • Bonafide with the active constituent Quinaquanone, a bio-available form of Vitamin K1 & K2 for bone density
  • Contains a mycotoxin binder
  • Prebiotics & probiotics to support a healthy digestive system

Ingredients: Vegetable protein meals, mill mix, calcium carbonate, di calcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, methionine, lysine, thiamine, biotin, fenugreek, prebiotics, probiotics, Hygain vitamin and chelated mineral premix, organic minerals compound and yeast extract and Quinaquanone (active constituent of Bonafide)

Directions for use (maintenance rate):
Allcare may be fed in isolation or mixed into daily feed.
Recommended dosage rates are listed below. Scoop holds 50g.

Minis and ponies: 1 level scoop per day (50g)
Horses: 2 level scoops per day (100g)

This product contains Fenugreek, which may cause uterine stimulation in pregnant mares.

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