Eryvac for Lambs and Sheep



ERYVAC for Lambs and Sheep

ERYVAC® for Lambs and Sheep

  • Eryvac® is registered for the control of Erysipelas arthritis in lambs and sheep.
  • Erysipelas infection may result in damage to the joints of sheep leading to arthritis.
  • Arthritis affects all the sheep producing regions; it is not restricted by geography.


  • High level of disease protection for your flocks.
  • Improves weaning percentages in flocks affected by Erysipelas arthritis.
  • Reduces tail in sheep mobs affected by Erysipelas arthritis.
  • Reduces abattoir condemnations due to Erysipelas arthritis.
  • Registered for use in ewes from joining throughout pregnancy, including scanning
  • Registered to be used in lambs from three weeks of age.


Control of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae arthritis in all classes of sheep.
For the control of erysipelas infection in sheep causing:
  • Lameness and inability to stand and walk
  • Issues with transport, not ‘fit to load’
  • Reduced weight gain
  • Losses through trim and condemnations at the abattoir
  • Chronic arthritis caused by erysipelas leads to production losses due to poor body condition scores and reduced wool growth.


  • Eryvac vaccine controls erysipelas arthritis.
  • Eryvac is produced using  Zoetis’ Ultra- flitration  technology
  • Ensures Vaccine remains of the highest quality by seeking ou and removing unwanted particles
  • Enables the vaccine to generate a more targeted immune respons
  • Delivers reliable protection within a convenient 1ml dose rate
  • If you save 1 in 200 lambs from arthritis, a complete Eryvac program has paid for itself.1
  • A complete Eryvac program has 3 dosess, 1 dose in ewes at pre-lambing, (2 doses in first year) and 2 lamb doses, one at marking and one at weaning.
  • Eryvac can improve profits by up to $0.82/DSE in prime lamb flocks and $0.59/DSE in fine wool flocks.1


Dose rate: 1 mL for all classes of sheep.

Injection site: Vaccine should be administered subcutaneously using a shrouded vaccinator and a 6mm (¼ inch) 18 gauge needle on a 45mm degree angle on the side of the neck midway between the ear and the front of the shoulder.

Lambs need two doses:
1. First ‘priming’ dose at marking;
2. Second ‘booster’ dose at weaning.
Previously unvaccinated ewes need two doses:
1. First ‘priming’ dose at the time of joining or scanning;
2. Second ‘booster’ dose approximately 4 weeks before the expected date of lambing.
Other classes of previously unvaccinated sheep need two doses:
1. First ‘priming’ dose;
2. Second ‘booster’ dose approximately 4 weeks after.
Previously vaccinated sheep need ‘annual booster’ vaccinations:
  • For ewes vaccinate 4 weeks before the expected date of lambing.
  • This should pass temporary immunity to their lambs in the colostrum, or first milk, to protect them for the first 6 to 8 weeks of their lives.

Eryvac can be stored and used for up to 30 days after first opening if the following steps are taken:
1. Unscrew the delivery tube from the vaccine pack

2. Empty the delivery tube and vaccinator by depressing the plunger several times

3. Disinfect the stopper with Methylated spirits

4. Store the vaccine in this original cardboard carton and place in the refrigerator (2oC – 8oC). DO NOT FREEZE

5. Use the remaining vaccine within 30 days

6. Clean the delivery tube and draw off cap and sterilise by boiling in water for 10 minutes

7. Before reuse disinfect the stopper with Methylated spirits

Applicator Recommendations 
  • Clean and maintain the vaccinator as outlined by the manufacturer daily.
  • DO NOT use disinfectants at the site of vaccination or to clean the vaccinator or needle.
  • Ensure the needle is sharp and not burred, replace often.


Injection: 250 mL, 500 mL (plastic packs).


Store at 2°C to 8°C (Refrigerate. Do not freeze.) Protect from light.
DO NOT leave vaccine in the draw off tube or vaccinator after work day.
Withholding period:
Additional Information
Localised swelling may develop at the injection site and a firm nodular lump may persist for some weeks or even months.

To learn more about Zoetis or to view all products available in their range click here.

NOTE: This product is a live vaccine and requires storage temperatures between 2°C to 8°C. All reasonable attempts are made to ensure the correct handling of this product whilst in transport. N&W Livestock is unable to take responsibility for handling once in transport.

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