Derma Wash – Medicated shampoo


So versatile, no stable should be without it !

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Derma Wash – Medicated shampoo – 500ml

So versatile, no stable should be without it !

Key Features

  • Medicated shampoo with chlorohexidine
  • Treats bacterial and fungal skin conditions on the horse
  • Improves the hygiene of the horses skin
  • Contains conditioners
  • pH Neutral – A gentle but deep cleaning shampoo
  • Also suitable to wash leather, saddle pads and rugs


Bacteria, both good and bad, are everywhere. If a horse has a lowered immunity, or if the bad organisms are in the majority, they will get the upper hand and the horse will be more susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections. Organisms can spread everywhere – infections are mainly transferrable through brushes, halters and blankets. Horses can also be fungal carriers – even without any visible symptoms. Keeping this in mind, it’s definitely important to manage the fungal and bacterial population.

Cavalor ® Derma Wash is a deep cleaning shampoo containing chlorhexidine, used to wash horses that have flaky skin, dull coats or a skin condition. It’s the ideal shampoo to wash new arrivals in the yard.

Cavalor ® Derma Wash and Derma Spray are pH neutral. Contrary to our skin, which has a natural acidity of 4,0 – 5,5,  the optimal horse skin pH ranges between 7,0 and 7,4. Products with a low pH, such as human shampoo, have a hydrophilic nature. They attract moisture and dehydrate the horse’s skin, resulting in a dry, flaky skin.  Bleach and powerful degreasers have a high pH – because of their hydrophobic nature they will absorb the natural tallow making the coat dull and the skin dry, sensitive and susceptible to infections. Cavalor ® Derma wash is enriched with glycerin. This will guarantee that the skin is well hydrated and the coat will have a healthy shine.

Besides its use as a shampoo, Cavalor ® Derma wash can also be used to clean blankets, saddle pads, leather, etc.

To clean small wounds or genitals, we recommend using Cavalor ® Derma Spray

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