Bianco Wash – Stubborn stain fighting shampoo


Grey horses…magnificent! We love them, but it’s a real pain to get them shining white.

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Bianco Wash – Stubborn stain fighting shampoo – 500ml

Grey horses…magnificent! We love them, but it’s a real pain to get them shining white.

With Cavalor® Bianco wash, white truly becomes white again. Not even stubborn grass, manure or urine stains stand a chance against Cavalor® Bianco Wash.

Key Features

  • Stain fighting – Removes stubborn stain such as grass, urine or manure
  • Created for grey’s – Highly concentrated formula designed to effectively remove stubborn stains on grey horses but suitable for all coat colours
  • pH Neutral – removes stubborn stains without skin irritation
  • Illuminating formula – Produces an illuminating shine whilst gently removing stubborn stains


Cavalor® Bianco Wash is a highly concentrated shampoo. Just a little goes a long way. Use it diluted in a bucket of water or use a little directly on the stain for amazing results. Cavalor® Bianco Wash contains strong cleaning properties yet is gentle on the skin. The unique formula rids stains without skin irritation.

Cavalor® Bianco Wash has been specifically designed for horses. Thanks to the neutral pH the shampoo is soothing on the horse’s skin and keeps it well hydrated.


So-called silver shampoos are popular for washing grey horses. The purple or blue pigment that is added to these products reduces yellow shades. Although at first glance the result is apparent, this is mainly a visual effect. These shampoos don’t cleanse the coat as deeply and stubborn stains will not disappear. Cavalor® Bianco Wash has a deep- cleansing effect and prevents persistent stains

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