Omega Feeds is a sunflower by-product based equine feed company that was established in 1999 as a branch division of Paradise Farms Pty Ltd. Paradise Farms has been operating as Australia’s only human food chain processor of sunflower kernel for some 30 years. When Omega Feeds was established the research and developmental team identified the need for fibre based equine feeds and worked alongside Dr  David Ives (B.V.Sc., B. Com, M.S.) in scientifically formulating, testing and trialling the feeds. The concept of fibrous based feed opposed to traditional grain based feeds, gives the Omega Feeds product range a unique difference in the marketplace.

The Paradise Farms de-hulling plant has HACCP certification for human food chain products and this essential qualification is maintained using high standard quality assurance procedures, which are essentially part of the production of the Omega Feeds products. Our quality ingredients have been specifically selected to provide your horse with a safe, palatable and nutritious feed to ensure optimal health and vitality. Our unique formulas all contain a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals, which has been customised to each individual product to ensure your horses nutritional needs are met.

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