Our story starts with a small black Shetland, somewhat debilitated with Arthritis, often suffering foundering episodes and borderline Cushings. Mostly we were keeping on top of his inflammatory conditions with veterinary assistance, farrier expertise and by feeding low starch and sugar options, but at times we struggled with the management of his conditions.

We felt we were losing a battle.

A cold wet day on the farm looking out the window at our dear little soul, we felt compelled to do more, and to learn more. Many hours of research later and we had a handful of natural anti inflammatory options to try. A trial over a period of weeks followed, and the results of this super fibre were remarkable.

After relaying our findings to our team of equine nutrition consultants, they excitedly took advantage of the hind gut digestibility of the hemp hulls and included a powerful prebiotic, Yucca, to further enhance digestive good health. We continue to offer good management practices to support his conditions and now include Harmony into his daily routine.

Our little black horse is a happier and healthier version of himself by feeding a supplement that is in harmony with his natural digestive system. Black Horse Organics was born from a genuine need to ensure we were supporting the overall good health, well being and longevity of one of our favourite four legged friends.

A supplement rich in natural antioxidants, quality protein, bio available vitamins and minerals, enhanced with gut health properties and jam packed into a highly fermentable super fibre. We encourage you to see the results for yourself.

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