Extinosad Pour-On For Sheep


Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep is the first choice for off-shears or long wool control of lice in sheep.

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Extinosad Pour-On For Sheep

Active Ingredient: Spinosad @ 20g/L

Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep is the first choice for off-shears or long wool control of lice in sheep.  Its unique mode of action provides knockdown control of lice, even SP and IGR resistant strains, in both off-shears, long wool sheep, and even unshorn lambs. Extinosad has a Nil withholding period for wool and a short 21-day ESI when applied off shears.  Extinosad Pour-On comes with a 6-month off-shears lice-free guarantee from Elanco Animal Health.

Extinosad Pour-On is registered to control spinosad-susceptible lice (Bovicola ovis) in sheep up to 7 days off-shears and sheep with long wool.

Why is Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep the first choice for off-shears or long wool lice control;

  • Convenient, water-based formulation.
  • Blue Check Rapid knockdown control.
  • Blue Check Spinosad has a unique mode of action.
  • Blue Check Kills SP resistant strains.
  • Six-month lice-free guarantee.
  • Blue Check Can be applied to suckling lambs (unshorn).
  • Blue Check An ideal rotation partner.
  • Blue Check Sheep can be treated up to 7 days off shears.

What are the key benefits of Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep;

  • Powerful knockdown chemistry that starts killing lice within hours of contact.
  • Unique mode of action that kills lice like no other, ideal for rotation programs.
  • No known field resistance and kills SP-resistant strains of lice.
  • Maximum marketing flexibility with a zero (0) days withholding period for wool and an ESI of only 21 days when applied off-shears or to unshorn lambs.
  • Maximum management flexibility as it can be applied to sheep off-shears, with long wool or suckling lambs (unshorn).
  • A water-based, odourless formulation with a favourable safety profile that poses a low risk to livestock, shearers, farm workers and the environment when used according to label instructions.
  • Effective lice control protects the productivity of Australian sheep and wool growers.

By effectively controlling lice, Extinosad Pour-On for sheep can reduce the impact of lice which includes;

  • Skin irritation, biting and rubbing.
  • Fleece derangement, cotted wool and broken wool fibres.
  • The distinctive smell and yellowish wool.
  • Skin thickening and pelt damage (e.g. cockle).
  • Unable to sell sheep if lousy at sale yards in certain states.


Extinosad Pour-On is registered for the control of lice (Bovicola ovis) in sheep, both off-shears and with long wool, including strains that are resistant to synthetic pyrethroid (SP) compounds.

How Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep Works:

Extinosad contains the active ingredient, spinosad, derived from the naturally-occurring soil bacteria, Saccharopolyspora spinosa. Once absorbed or ingested by target insects, spinosad causes prolonged involuntary muscle contractions and tremors, resulting in neuromuscular fatigue, paralysis and death. Spinosad has a high level of activity against many insect species, including the sheep body louse (Bovicola ovis). Its unique mode of action controls lice strains that are resistant to insect growth regulator (IGR) and synthetic pyrethroid (SP) compounds.

Despite its deadly activity against lice, Extinosad Pour-On poses remarkably little risk to humans, livestock or the environment when used in accordance with the label directions. It can be applied safely to all classes of sheep, including lambs.

Ideal for Off Shears:

Extinosad Pour-On for sheep is ideal for off-shears lice control. Its unique mode of action kills lice within hours and provides a much-needed alternative to insect growth regulator (IGR) compounds, to which resistance has been identified. In four large-scale trials involving Merino wethers, ewes and rams, lice were undetectable in sheep five months after treatment with Extinosad Pour-On off-shears.

Ideal for Long Wool:

Extinosad Pour-On for Sheep is the most effective pour-on treatment available to kill lice in sheep with long wool.  It kills lice within hours, including those strains resistant to synthetic pyrethroid (SP) compounds (e.g. Vanquish†) and has no wool or meat withholding periods. Extinosad Pour-On delivers excellent control of lice in sheep with long wool. Seven Australian field trials found Extinosad Pour-On reduced lice numbers in long wool sheep by an average of 97.3% two months after treatment.

Pack Sizes: 5-Litre & 20-Litre

Registrant: Elanco Animal Health (APVMA #:60117)

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